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Stox Poker is one of the original online poker training sites, and is widely considered to be the most versatile; focusing on just about every game variant in poker. The site contains training videos from over 60 different instructors –the site has 21 current instructors– many of whom began on Stox Poker and went on to start their own online poker training sites.

The site was founded by Nick “StoxTrader” Grudzien, who penned the book “Winning in Tough Holdem Games”, and is one of the few online poker players in the world who can boast of winning $1 million in both Limit and No Limit Holdem.

With a total of 1,375 videos, Stox Poker has one of the most extensive video libraries of any online poker training site. Stox Poker has over 1,000 videos pertaining to No limit Holdem –cash, S&G and MTT– 127 Omaha videos; 88 Stud and Razz videos; as well as a couple dozen videos pertaining to Triple Draw, Mixed Games, and miscellaneous topics. Stox Poker also has a fairly large database of tournament videos with roughly 150 Sit & Go and 150 Multi-Table Tournament videos to choose from.

Stox Poker has been making a lot of upgrades recently including enhanced filters, better video description, and even adding subtitles, in seven different languages, to its videos.

Target Population

Stox Poker is basically for anyone, but the content definitely focuses on No Limit cash games. However, it’s unlikely a player will find a better mix of videos on any other training site.

Players who like to compete in numerous different poker disciplines will definitely be impressed with Stox Poker and its 287 Limit Holdem Videos, 710 No Limit Holdem videos, 103 PLO videos and as I already stated a decent selection in just about every category.

The only players who might choose to pass on Stox Poker are specialists looking for a certain poker format, but even there Stox has most of the specialized sites beat.

Unique Features

Despite being one of the largest and most reputable online poker training sites, Stox Poker is still raising the bar and implementing new and exciting features.

  • Subtitles: To the best of my knowledge, Stox Poker is the first training site to reach out to other areas of the world.
  • The ability to create member videos and member blogs
  • A key concepts filter as well as video tags to help players pinpoint the videos they are looking for
  • Rush Poker training videos! Stox is the first site to add content specifically for Full Tilt Poker’s newest innovation, Rush Poker. So far the site has 7 videos devoted to Rush Poker.

Coaching Team

Stox Poker has been around for a while, and there coaching team has undergone many changes. The current crop of instructors includes:

  • Nick Grudzien
  • Bryce Paradis
  • Ed Miller (Author of the smash-hit Small Stakes Hold’ Em)
  • Kyle Hendon
  • Matt Matros
  • Colin Moshman
  • IJay Palansky
  • Dan Abrams

Members of Stox Poker will also find content from these former, high-profile, instructors:

  • Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt
  • Hunter “BeachJustice” Bick
  • Jared Tendler
  • Matt “mbolt” Bolt
  • Robert Williamson III


  • Some of the best production values in the online poker training business
  • An incredible amount of filters including most recent/most popular, Coach, Game, Structure, # of Players, Game Type, Stakes, IPod Compatible, Key Concepts, and Skill Level
  • Stox Software and discounts on Holdem Manager
  • Hand History Converter
  • Searchable Hand History Database
  • Forum and Blogs area
  • Member videos
  • Stox Poker offers numerous rakeback deals

Pricing Options and Exclusive Discounts

Stox Poker is very reasonably priced considering the sheer size of the site, not to mention the quality. Potential members of Stox Poker will find the following options available to them –notice Stox Poker doesn’t charge an initiation fee!!!:

  • Pre-Pay for 6-Months = $145
  • Pre-Pay for 12-Months = $225
  • Monthly Subscription (recurring) = $27.99

Poker players can register on Stox Poker and gain limited access to the site; Stox Poker also has a deal with Full Tilt Poker where players can cash in their Full Tilt Points for memberships at the site –this can be done in the Full Tilt Store—and you will receive a 1-Month membership for 5,000 FTP’s; a 3-Month Membership for 13,500 FTP’s; a 6-Month Membership for 25,000 FTPs’; and a year Membership for 40,000 FTP’s. Even low limit, part-time, players can earn enough FTP’s for a free month here and there.


Stox Poker is a high quality site, and in a flooded market the incredibly low price makes getting a membership at Stox Poker a +EV move. Even if you have a membership at another site, Stox is a great second site to join because of the low fee –Full Tilt players can likely get a free membership whenever they want—and because Stox Poker offers such a great selection of different games to choose from.